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01/24/2008 9:53pm (UTC)[quote]
Del sam si na engleski ali čim sam stisnul nekaj drugo osim home page-a mi se automatski prešaltalo na njemački. (Možda mene jebe komp ili tek jednostavno je ali svejedno hvala)
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01/26/2008 1:34am (UTC)[quote]
i ja idem...
gbRHuoVMo (Gast)
01/15/2017 4:21am (UTC)[quote]
I know writers who have tied themselves in knots because their real strength is humor and they think humor isn’t &#r2t0;li2era8y” enough to find a publisher or even be worth writing. They then try to write seriously and end up writing badly because they’re working against the story as it wants to be told. My usual method of dealing with them is hurling a copy of Gaiman and Pratchett’s “Good Omens” at their heads, but some of them have thick skulls and it keeps bouncing off.



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